Monday, May 18, 2015

Stop Running Around Concerned If It Is Right

As busy individuals, many times we are on-the-run to go places that we end up applying on our make-up as 'whatever' as long as something is there.  You know that many women like us are guilty of this. You also know that when we leave our house, we sometimes wonder if we ended up putting our make-up correctly because we were in a hurry to leave.

Now… Imagine getting all dressed up and applying little to no makeup at all and leaving your house with high confidence. Well…that is exactly what permanent makeup is all about. The word permanent is a bit scary – it means FOREVER.  And many times that forever commitment could be a scary one.  The good news is that you can consult a master makeup doctor who will address all of your questions and concerns.  So why not give it a shot and contact someone with the experience and the knowledge – I mean, after all,  it is your face and it is a forever thing. 

So stop running around in a hurry hoping that your makeup is not too much or too little or incorrectly done and contact me, Dr Thelma Sanchez,  the Master Instructor,  the one who has the utmost experience and the knowledge who can assist you in all your permanent makeup questions.   

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  1. Estoy muy contenta por su trabajo Gracias seƱora Thelma Sanchez